PubG Rules

Last date of registration has been moved to 1st feb 2019 13:00

Solo and duo matches have been postponed to 1st feb 2019

The 1st match of the tournament squad is on 31st jan 2019 at 7:00 every one

Match category – solo( Erangel) TPP
Match category – DUO( Erangel) TPP
Match category – Squad( Erangel) TPP

Rules for qualifiers for main event of pubgm

  1. No cheating (USE OF AIMBOTS, WALL HACKS, SPEEDHACKS, ETC.) All players will be closely monitored and if anyone is caught cheating you will be reported to PUBG ASSOCIATION, that player will be disqualified and banned from the future tournaments too
  2. Money should be paid before entering your details in our forum.
  3. Password will be send to participates just before 20 mins before the tournament.
  4. All participates should be in the game room before 10 mins before starting Time of the game.
  5. Remainder will be send to all participants 40 mins before tournament time.
  6. Money will not be refunded if the participants miss the tournament.
  7. 60% attendance is must in a room to start a game, if the numbers were less the money will be refunded or transferred to next tournament based on the participants choice.
  8. For every tournament one or more game rooms will be allotted based on the number of interested participants.
  9. The use of items not obtained through PUBG-approved in-game methods (excluding official rewards) or unannounced items is prohibited. If players violate this rule, it will be treated as hacking. The team will be disqualified from the tournament and the prizes. The individual will be banned from competing.
    Live Broadcast
    All contents, photos, videos, replays, and other resources generated by players and the PMSC event belong to Tencent. Players must accept this condition to compete. I’m

For example:
Take 240 participants
2 game rooms for first 200 participants.
40 participants will be refunded or transferred to next tournament based on the participants choice(< 60% attendance. BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME).

  1. Team killing is strictly prohibited and if anyone is seen fooling around with teammates using grenades,that player will be disqualified.
  2. Matches will be played on the latest version of pubg mobile.

X no of players will be selected for playoff / finals depending on the no of games held b4 3rd feb 2019 based on last eliminated .

    Y no of players will be selected for playoff / finals depending on the no of games held b4 3rd feb 2019 based on last eliminated

=>Kills of the full team is added and evaluated as below

1 Kill = 4 Points (Example : 7 Kills = 28)

1 Place squad(Chicken Dinner) = 100 Points.
2 Place squad = 80 Points
3 Place squad = 60 Points
4 Place squad = 50 Points
5 Place squad = 40 Points
6 Place squad = 30 Points
7 Place squad = 20 Points
8 Place squad = 10 Points
9 And Below = 5 Points

The Reward will be declared by Calculating your Total Squad Points Plus, Comparing with Other Squads Who are Participated And We’ll Be Verifying your whole Status.
Team with most no of points will be moved forward to the finals held on 3rd feb 2019

** Prize Money can be changed without any prior notice if participation is less.


Twitch and youtube links will be included when tournament starts
Competition Ownership
Tencent reserves all rights for the PUBG MOBILE STAR CHALLENGE.

Our casters and broadcasters 
(hyPerTEXT Gaming )

=>Winning squad should provide full details of the members and the prize money is splitted and send separately to each member of the Squad.
=>Any one member of the squad can send buy the pass and fill the form details.
=>you can change the members of the squard by contacting us.
=>Members of the squad cant be changed before one hour of the tournament time.and if agreed by admin .

The rules of participation are very simple. Interested players need to register for the tournament. Solo players will have to shell out ?100 while two players can get into the match for ?200. Get your squad into the game for ?400.

Final will be held in the of bits timings will be shared on final day

Fifa Rules

Tournament bracket size and prize are subject to change based on the total number of eligible teams at the end of registration.Prizing and Bracket Size:
Entry is 200 re-entry will be 100

Any setting not listed below should not be changed from its default state within the private match lobby. the Global settings are to be used for all Game modes unless otherwise specified in the game modes specific section.
The hosting team is responsible for setting up a private lobby match with the correct settings and the correct map. If the hosting team starts the game with the wrong settings, it will result in penalties for that map/mode. Please refer to the Penalties section of this rules page.

Game Type: Lan Friendlies.
Controls: Any
Team Level: Any
Game Speed: Normal
Weather: Sunny / Clear
Squad Type: Lan
Choosing Squad Type “Custom” will result in a forfeit of the match.

Bracket Play
Single Elimination: After losing a Match, Teams will be eliminated from the Bracket.

Default Start Time: All Round 1 Matches have the same default start time. After Round 1, all Matches have a unique default start time that is dependent upon the time at which the Teams, previous Round results were submitted. Matches must be started by their default start time and played until completion. Postponing matches is only at the discretion of Online Tournament staff.

Double Forfeit: If a Match is not played and neither Team submits a Ticket requesting the Forfeit win, or both Teams otherwise Forfeit a Game/Match, the Game/Match win will be awarded to the higher seeded Team.

Seeding: Teams will be randomly seeded at of the close of Registration. Seeds are done in ascending order. Seed one is the highest seed.
Definition: The Host is the Player who must create the Custom Game and ensure that the proper Settings and Map are used.

Host and Side Choice for each Game: The higher seeded team at match time must host and have choice of home or away.

Procedure: Hosting Players should create the Custom Game. As the hosting Team changes over the course of a Match, the new hosting Player should leave the Custom Game and create a new one.

Incorrect Ending: If the Host incorrectly ends a Game, their Team may Forfeit the Game.
All Matches
Match Length: All Matches will be Best of 1 Game.

Warm-up: No warm-up or practice Games are permitted once the MatchÂ’s first Game has begun. If a Match is played before the scheduled time, it will not be considered a warm-up and will count as the official results.

Minimum Required Players: Teams must have all players present in order to start a game. A Team will Forfeit the Match if they are missing a one player by 5 minutes after a Match’s default start time (Grace Period). Teams will be forced to start a Game at the end of a Grace Period.

Weather: Any player may quit out of the game if the weather condition is raining or snowing. This must be done so before the start of regulation time. If both players proceed to play the match, it is implied that both players agree to play in the set weather condition for their match.

Ties: In the event of a tie in the first play through, a second play through of the match must be played up until the firsthalf has been completed. If the game is still tied when the first half has been completed, then the second half of the game must be completed.

Time Limit: Both teams must report the Match results within 10 minutes of its completion. Failure to report the Match results on time may result in a Forfeit.

Report Match Score: To report the Match results, Teams must report the Match Score accurately, with overall Games won being reported. For example, the Match Score can be reported as 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2 depending upon the Match length. Reporting the individual points for each Game is optional.

Cheating: Breaking any rule and any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a Forfeit of a Game, Match, or Ban from GameBattles. Cheating, glitching, and abusing in-game mechanics accusations must be verified by a Tournament Official. In order to contact a Tournament Official use Live Support. If a Tournament Official isn’t immediately available, a Ticket must be submitted immediately, along with proof, screenshot or video, of the cheating. Punishable unsportsmanlike behavior includes, but is not limited to, excessive use of foul or degrading language. For all cheating claims, the burden of proof is on the accuser.

Prize Money can be changed without any prior notice if participation is less.